Jengana Centre

Our vision is to see the Jengana Centre being one of hope, refuge and new beginnings. Kipepeo (our home for vulnerable children) is already situated on the Jengana land and offers this refuge from the trauma of the past for the children who now call Kipepeo their home.

We hope and pray that this Centre will also be a base for outreach to those in the local community, many of whom are struggling with poverty. The MajiProject, although in its infancy, is already reaching those in the surroundingarea with a vital resource. Bible clubs for kids and young people, sports outreach and craft for ladies are some of the areas being researched.

We also plan to develop the link between our inside and outside projects so that people who are being helped by Jengana in the city slum communities can also engage with the work at the Jengana land.

We would like to see our newly built guest accommodation being used for church groups and mission organisations. This will in turn act as income for the work of Kipepeo, making it increasingly self-sustaining.


We desire to see many children, young people and adults, whose environment is one of poverty, hardship, inequality and suffering, find hope.

Education is the key to escaping the cruel cycle of poverty for children born into a slum environment. If given the opportunity to go to secondary school, a child can take the step up they’ve been given and develop it into helping themselves. We currently help many children of all ages, and now young adults, to go to school if that is their desire. We want to develop this programme and reach more people in this practical way.

It is our greatest desire to see people of all ages come to know Jesus. We believe that when caring about and helping those with their physical needs, we can show God’s love. Matthew 25: 35-40 shows us that Jesus himself cared about people’s physical needs and Jengana endeavours to help where we can, to show God’s love in a practical way where it is needed.

Jengana is willing to evolve to meet the needs around us in Kenya. We try to be flexible with our plans and mission so that we can be led to a person, situation or people group that desperately need help. We also want to recognise those times when we, through Jengana, are being asked to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a new area, wherever that may be

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If you would like any more information on the work of Jengana, to ask any questions, or to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

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