There are babies abandoned around the city of Nairobi every day due to the effects of extreme poverty. There are also many vulnerable children who end up needing a safe refuge after finding themselves suffering harm under the care of their parents or families. When Jengana started working in Kenya in 2006 we quickly saw there was a need for a home for these children. One that would not be an institution, but a home where the children are loved, protected and well nourished. Many of these children start their lives in a slum environment so we wanted this home to have fresh air, space for the children to play and develop in a safe environment.

Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili. The name came from the idea of the insignificant larva which when given a safe and protected environment can grow and develop and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

Kipepeo opened in March 2015 in a small rented bungalow as funds were not yet sufficient to start building work on the newly acquired Jengana land.Work soon began on the new building and in July 2017 we were delighted to move the children and staff into their new home on Jengana land.

The children are brought to Kipepeo either through the local District Children’s Office or by the Kenyan Police.

Currently there are just under 20 children who call Kipepeo their home. There are 2 house mothers and a young couple who are house parents. The children range in age from a 6 month old baby up to a 9 year boy. The school aged children attend a local primary school which they walk to each day. The kids are helped with their school work by the ‘house Dad’ who hasexperience in teaching.

The Kipepeo staff, alongside the Jengana caretaker have started to plant various vegetables, have several hens producing eggs and a cow giving fresh milk to the home every day. These have all being positive steps towards the home being more self-sufficient and less dependent on fundraising.

There is more space at Kipepeo for more children and staffing depends on how many children have been admitted but our priority is that we provide a loving environment which is as close to possible as a family home upbringing.

If you think you could spare a monthly donation, of any amount, to the running of Kipepeo we would be so grateful.

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