Fundraising is important to us at Jengana as we are reliant on donations to run the projects.

We are very thankful to our monthly donors who give us confidence to continue our work and take on some new projects. One-off donations are also an excellent boost – be assured that we appreciate each one, whether large or small.

Outside of these donations, we rely on supporters organising fundraisers which are great for us financially and also raise awareness of our work.

As a small charity, we have minimal overheads and are therefore able to use almost all of each £1 we receive on the ground in Kenya.

A lot of fundraising in carried out by team members before their trip but we would appreciate anyone, at any time of the year, organising an event for Jengana.

Some ideas are:

We are also always looking for anyone with an interest or talent in the area of fundraising/PR who would be able to join our team to help in this way.

Please do contact us at with any ideas for fundraising or if you could get involved. Also please let us know if you are organising a fundraiser and need some materials such as leaflets or buckets.

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If you would like any more information on the work of Jengana, to ask any questions, or to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

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