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Jengana Centre Of Hope

In 2012 we were very thankful to be in the position to purchase 6 acres of beautiful land in the Kamangu area, approximately an hour’s drive from Nairobi City. When we found this land, it was just a large field with impressive views of the Ngong Hills, there was no electricity nearby and the rural access road was almost impassable. We could see such potential and have been trusting God with each development along the way over the years, since 2012. We want the Jengana centre to be a refuge for those who access it, a safe place where the people who most need it are helped and supported. We hope that people who are being helped by Jengana can also give back to the work by helping with Kipepeo or practically on the site. Whilst the work is developing, these are the current projects in operation on the Jengana Centre of Hope site:


This is our home for vulnerable children, located on the Jengana land. The home provides a safe refuge with clean air, peaceful scenery and a loving, homely environment. There are just under 20 children who currently call Kipepeo their home.

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The Farm

We have always wanted as much of our work as possible to be self- sustaining so that it doesn’t rely fully on supporters. The farm on the Jengana site is a work in progress but has developed quickly. There are now enough chicken to supply meat and eggs to Kipepeo. There are 2 cows supplying enough milk for the children and the plan is to purchase dairy goats as an additional and more cost- effective way to supply milk. There are also guard dogs, a cat and some rabbits and poultry on the site. The children love visiting the animal pens!.

'Watu Wote' (all people) Cottages

A new project at the Jengana centre, and one which we hope will be income - generating is the newly built guest accommodation. The building work was completed in Spring 2020 and was due to open officially by housing our 2020 team. Due to Covid-19 these plans were delayed but we have had one church group who have already used the cottages. There is space to accommodate large groups of up to 40 people, with smaller self- contained rooms for couples, single visitors or families. It will be fantastic for our teams to stay so close to Kipepeo. We are in the planning stages of developing priced packages for local churches who may wish to use Watu Wote as a base for a retreat or team building activities. We also hope to help missionaries or church staff who need a peaceful break. The next project for Jengana is to build a kitchen and dining area which can accommodate the guests at Watu Wote. If you would like to be involved in this through donating or joining a team then please contact us.

Maji Safi (clean water) Project

Thanks to grant aid and many generous donations we were able to sink a solar powered borehole on the Jengana site. The centre is located in a very beautiful but dry area where the local people struggle with water supply. Most do not have piped water and rely on the collection of rain water. During times of decreased rainfall and drought these people walk long distances with barrels on foot or with a donkey and cart to purchase water from nearby public boreholes. This is extremely hard work for those in our immediate area as the Jengana centre is at the top of a significant hill and the roads are very uneven and rocky. The ladies and children are often having to travel down the hill with their empty barrels to then have to come back up the hill with their heavy water barrels. It is a much needed help to the local community to have clean, safe water available at the top of the hill. We recently started selling water to the community for a small cost as long as we have sufficient supply for Kipepeo. This project is still being developed and we hope to be able to help more people as we move forward.

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If you would like any more information on the work of Jengana, to ask any questions, or to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

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