Covid aid in the slums


Thursday 18 Feb 2021
The last year has been a difficult one for us all – but the difficulties we face here are multiplied in the slums of Nairobi. Social distancing is not an option due to the population and the small area and children have no choice but to go outside with their neighbours as there is no room for them to stay inside. Schools tried online learning but the challenges of space and resources made that practically impossible for the majority of families. 

During the year many children were sent to the village where it was thought to be safer. Those who remained lived in poor conditions and most parents struggled even to feed their families due to even less work than usual. 

Jengana was delighted to step in with help in the form of home packages of basic food for our sponsored children and their families as well as for others identified by our partners there.   

We were also able to help with wages for teachers who had no income when the school closed. 

With the re-opening of the schools, Jengana was able to fund some sanitising equipment which had to be in place for the pupils. 

We are thankful to all those who responded to our appeal for extra funds during the year so that we could respond as the needs were communicated with us. 

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